Congratulations on Your Nomination for the 2020 Washington All State Game!

Information for Participants in 2020 All State Series

Your feeder game director or head coach will notify you if you were selected.  We will be selecting the athletes on Sunday, June 3rd and you will be notified within 24 hours if you have been selected.  Each year there are nearly 300 seniors nominated and we only roster 72 for the All State Series. If an athlete backs out, we will continue to select replacements until Wednesday, June 10th at noon. Once selected you need to confirm with me your attendance with me by filling out the form online at below.

After filling out the confirmation online, you will need to:

  • Obtain a hotel room (if necessary) at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Yakima (509-452-6511) under All State Baseball. The hotel will be at your cost but they are providing a great deal. If you stay somewhere else that is fine too. We have some other hotel deals as well on our HOF Weekend Link. The banquet will be held across the parking lot at the Yakima Convention Center.

  • We will provide you a custom Adidas Jersey to play in on Saturday and to keep. Please bring your entire high school uniform though (jersey, pants, hat, etc.) as you will wear that on Sunday.

  • The 2020 All State Players and Hall of Fame Banquet Saturday night is free for the players. This is where we will award you with your plaque. Family and friends can purchase banquet tickets when you check-in on Saturday morning or during the games.

  • We will provide a light breakfast at registration at Parker Field on the morning of June 13.

  • Enjoy yourself! Every year players tell us this is the most fun they have ever had playing baseball.

  • Here is the weekend’s agenda: ALL STATE AGENDA

      What will be offered for you or your family:

  • If your family and friends are interested in attending the banquet dinner, tickets will be limited but are available for purchase during the morning registration and during Saturday’s games. Cost is $25 for adults and $15 for children. You can also purchase online early at

  • Admission will be charged to attend the baseball games. These games and the banquet cost over $25,000 to run and we use the gate admission to pay some of the expenses. Nobody earns a salary for this event, it is strictly ran on a volunteer basis.

  • All State rings will be available to purchase through Jostens. They will be at the games and the banquet.

  • Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. will be available for purchase on site during the games.

  • Team and individual pictures will be available to purchase through Extreme Sports Photography. They will be on site and will take care of you.

  • I have also the following information online for your convenience below. Just click the “All State Players Agenda”.

  • Hotel Information

  • Directions to Sites

  • Picture Information

  • Ring Information

  • All State Agenda

All the previous information and more is online and updated continuously at  Any other questions, please feel free to contact me at  If you don’t hear from me within the hour, you may have been blocked from my school account. Please try re-sending to  You can also reach me by phone or text at 509-969-6538.

Thanks, and congratulations!

Jesse Benedetti


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Basic Info: Height/Weight, High School Jersey Number, Bat/Throw, Primary Positions Stats: Batting Average, HR, SB, RBI, W/L Record, Ks, ERA Honors: All League, College Attending, etc.
We ask that you are in attendance for both days. If graduation conflicts with a game then that is a totally acceptable reason to miss a day. However, we do not make accommodations for players in regards to their summer baseball teams.

Sample 2019 Program

Click for Order Form

Click for Order Form

Jostens will be Taking Orders on Saturday at Parker Field and Saturday Night at the Banquet
(Link Above is the 2019 Form)


There will be hats, shirts, polo shirts, jackets and more to purchase …
priced at or below retail prices!