Why we do this...

As we approach the season I'm sure we are all reflecting on our philosophies, teaching progressions and unfortunately, how to deal with the rain. But I was thinking the other day as to exactly why I am doing this...

I continually go back to what Pat Hoonan, my Rogers High School football coach always said,

"Play with your heart on the outside of your jersey.  That way people will always know and see exactly who you are." 

I guess that always stuck with me as a principle focus of how I would live my life and now that I have been teaching and coaching sine 1990, it still seems to be who I am.  By coaching from the heart, taking risks, and investing of myself through being who I am, hopefully Iā€™m able to not only build relationships, but facilitate the ability in young men to build relationships outside their families and faith.

This approach to building relationships through the game of baseball leads to another essential aspect of why we coach; the belief that the game will return to us ten-fold what we give to it. My hope is that as we lead young men we can instill in them that the more they selflessly give to the game, their teammates, their families, and the community, the return will be far greater in the future and the reward worth the risk as they live their adult lives.

Why we do this is quite possibly different for every individual, but I guess the essential lesson is to be true to ourselves, stick to what we believe is right, and that way we can give from the heart.  Keep up the great work for your players, schools, and communities and best of luck this upcoming season.

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