Feeder games are played by high school seniors in various locations throughout the state of Washington. Players are chosen to play by the local feeder game directors (listed below) and the high school coaches in the area. Players from all classifications are represented. There is a small cost associated for the participating players in order to pay for umpires, insurance, trophies, etc. Following the game(s), the director, high school, and college coaches involved in the game vote on various awards for the game(s). They also nominate players for the all state series.

*Please note that if players are unable to participate in the local feeder game due to prior commitments (i.e., graduation, legion games, etc.), they may not be eligible for all state nomination.*


The All State Series is played at Parker Field in Yakima, Washington. Players are eligible to be chosen for participation if they meet the following guidelines:

1. Participated in Local Feeder Game*
2. Nominated Top 10 for All State Series by Feeder Game
3. Available to Participate in All State Series (No Prior Commitments)
4. Chosen by All State Series Directors and Coaches
5. Confirm Attendance by Tuesday Evening of the Week Chosen (Everything Goes to Print Wednesday Morning)

The notification process begins once a player is selected to participate in the all state games. A director from the all state series will notify the local feeder game director who in turn contacts the player's high school coach. The player is then contacted by his coach about the honor. If the player or parent has questions about the selection, they can contact the feeder game director below or contact the all state directors.

* In rare occurrences, accommodations may be made for players who have prior obligations and cannot participate in the local feeder game.